NEW AND IMPROVED: How to Ace the Uber Excel Analytics Test

Uber Excel Analytics Test, 2nd Edition

About a year ago today, we launched the How to Ace the Uber Excel Analytics Test.

I'm excited to announce that we launched the second edition of our course just last week for just $79.

The course covers everything you need to pass the Uber Excel Analytics Test. Here's a summary:

Uber Excel Analytics Course Summary

  • Review different Uber job titles and roles where you'll get the Uber Excel Analytics Test
  • Discuss 15 different Uber metrics and terms including eyeballs, zeroes, and surge pricing
  • Cover 30 multiple choice Uber questions in the Uber Excel analytics test
  • Answers to 6 Uber short and long questions

I'm hugely excited about this new course - the production values are a cut above anything else we've done, and it contains a big chunk of new content, all of it requested by current students. Here's what's new:

What's New in the Uber Excel Test Course

  • completely re-recorded & updated videos
  • a brand new section with 10 additional practice problems based on Uber test questions this year
  • countless fixes to examples and explanation improvement
  • brand new CSV example files

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