How to Ace the Brand Management Interview (First Edition)

How to Ace the Brand Management Interview (First Edition)


This course helps the student get ready for the brand management interview. It starts with an overview on what companies are looking for in ideal brand manager candidates and then focuses on real interview questions and answers from brand manager interviews.

This course focuses on marketing case interview questions.

This course is ideal for candidates interviewing at brand manager positions such as Kraft, Clorox, Hershey, General Mills, and SC Johnson.

What's included in the purchase

2 hr. 6 min. streaming video and 73 pages of PDF slides where the instructor will cover the course details below.

Course Details

  • Review the brand manager role
  • Discuss the brand manager interview components
  • Answers & tips for the following questions:
    • Which advertising campaign do you like?
    • Which advertising campaign do you not like?
    • Which consumer brand is not doing well, and why?
    • What promotional strategies would you use for a Honey Nut Cheerios campaign?
    • Estimate how much money does McDonald's make every year.
    • You are the associate brand manager for Sprite. Revenues are up, but profits are down. What happened, and how would you fix it?
    • You are responsible for marketing a unloved energy drink in the US. What things would you consider in bringing the product to the US?
    • KitKat revenue is up year over year. However, revenue for the KitKat value pack SKU has dropped during the same period. What happened, and what would you recommend that we do?
    • General Mills decided to enter the frozen yogurt market. They're considering using the Yoplait or Pillsbury to co-brand the new venture. How would you evaluate this opportunity? Which brand would you leverage and why?
  • Framework for new market entry
  • Framework for ad critique questions
  • Framework for business P&L analysis
  • Framework for marketing or promotional plan questions
  • Interview preparation plan

Lewis is the instructor for the class. Lewis has over 15 years of marketing experience at top brands like Google. Lewis was formally trained in marketing at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, where he received his MBA. He also has a bachelor's degree from Stanford University.

Here's what our clients say about Lewis

  • “I’m so glad I hired you. You’re really good at what you do.” – A.P.
  • “I accepted the offer. Thanks so much for all your help. I really benefited from all the feedback you gave me.” – A.S.
  • “Just got a job offer! Went in confident but not arrogant, and tried to stay succinct and factual. Thanks again for the help. You gave me great advice.” – V.D.
  • “Did what you told me to do.  Got offered the position :)” – R.E.

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About the Author
Lewis is the founder of Impact Interview, an interview coaching firm.  Serving clients since 2008, Lewis has helped clients around the world secure jobs at some of the most prestigious companies, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.  Lewis has been featured in international press including CNN, ABC, CBS, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic.

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