How to Ace the Software Engineering Interview

How to Ace the Software Engineering Interview


This course helps the student prepare for the software engineering interview. It includes detailed explanations and examples.

What's included in the purchase
1.5 hr. streaming video and PDF slides where the instructor will cover the following:

  • Computer science fundamentals including data structures and algorithms
  • Coding questions including basic techniques, recursion problems, and what to do if you get stuck
  • Object oriented design
  • System design
  • The instructor will also cover general interview tips and tricks at the end of the class.
Jon, one of our top technical interview coaches, is the instructor for the class. Here’s what our clients say about Jon:
  • “Jon is very good. He states complex problems and solutions in a concise and simple manner that is easy to follow.” – A.S.
  • “Jon was an exceptional coach with no-nonsense methods for breaking down and solving the most complicated of interview problems. I received the exact lessons I needed for the positions I’m applying for, including industry-specific subjects. Easily my smartest purchase decision in the last year.” – A.P.
  • “Jon is extremely well qualified and knew exactly how to help me prepare. He guided me through some finer points that I had not previously studied. I was confident during the interview and got a great offer.” – J.D.
  • “Jon gave me a mock interview and provided constructive feedback on my performance. The coaching increased my confidence and made me aware of my weaknesses. I would definitely recommend Jon to anyone preparing for an interview.” – S.P.
  • “I received valuable feedback based on a mock interview and have many questions answered. I really appreciate the service – it is well worth the investment! After our session, I’m actually looking forward to the interview and I feel very confident!” – E.L.
Course Syllabus
Computer Science Fundamentals
The basis of any technical interview is going to be probing how deeply you know the basics. This is the foundation off of which the entire technical interview will be based. Have you ever considered saying, “I haven’t done that since college” during an interview? If so, I’ll break it down so you never again have to worry about not knowing how to implement a red-black tree. We’ll cover data structures, algorithms, and other CS fundamentals that’s really important to know.

Coding Questions
We’ll cover a wide range of topics here from how to ask the right clarifying questions, learning how to identify the tricks within the questions, and, yes, of course some simple techniques for dominating recursive problems. This will include discussion on basic techniques, what to do if you get stuck, and recursion questions.

Object Oriented Design
Object Oriented Design in a skill that takes years to master. We’ll cover some of the best techniques for decomposing these problems down to their root elements and building a design that will impress your your interviewer.

System Design
These are the dreaded open ended design questions that can head off in to obscurity if not managed correctly. We’ll go over ways to maintain control of the question’s direction while still showing depth of understanding. We’ll cover modern web architectures, caching, concurrency topics, and more.

Behavioral Questions
This is the free throw of the technical interview. I’ll let you know how to prepare for these questions and wow the interviewers with only a couple hours of practice at home.

Interview Tips and Tricks
To close out, I’ll share with you what people on the other side of the table are really looking for and how to give it to them. I’ll teach you how to identify different types of interviewers and how to optimize your answers for their interviewing style.
This course will lay out what you need to know and how to effectively apply it during an interview so that you can put yourself in the bet light and maximize your chances of landing your dream job.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a live class or a recorded video?
If you decide to purchase, you will be getting the recorded video and class slides, not a live class.
Do you have any upcoming live classes?
There are no live classes scheduled for the near future.
I'm interviewing for a software engineer in test role. Does this content apply?
Absolutely. You can expect technical and whiteboard coding questions at your SW test interview, and this course will help you prepare for those.

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