Amazon Software Engineer (SDE) Interview Questions and Answers

Amazon Software Engineer (SDE) Interview Questions and Answers


This course helps the student get ready for the Amazon Software Development Engineer (SDE) interview. It includes a detailed overview of what Amazon is looking for along with actual interview questions and answers from Amazon interviews.

What's included in the purchase

2 hr. streaming video and 150 pages of PDF slides where the instructor will cover the course details below.

Course details

  • Review the Amazon SDE role
  • Discuss the 5 Amazon SDE interview components
  • 4 step whiteboard coding interview framework
  • Answers for Amazon SDE interview questions including:
    • Implement "File" java class.
    • Print a tree in level order.
    • Given a binary tree and an integer S , print all distinct paths from root to leaves which sum to S. Describe the algorithm and implement it.
    • Integers are arriving at a rate of one on a socket stream. At any given time print k largest numbers. Describe an efficient algorithm and implement it in language of your choice.
    • Program to find the longest common subsequence, in a sequence.
    • How would you create an array given two sorted arrays?
    • How do you find phone numbers of a given format inside large number of different HTML files?
    • If a linked list is a loop, kth nearest points, sort two sorted linked list into one.
    • How can design a TinyURL for a website? Design an algorithm and write sample code which generates TinyURL for a website.
    • Given a stream of characters and a set of characters, find the shortest sequence in the stream containing all characters in the set.
  • Overview of the Amazon technoogy stack
  • Overview of Amazon's business
  • Interview preparation plan

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About the author
Kevin is the instructor for the class. He's a engineering manager at Amazon and has interviewed over 500 engineering candidates for Amazon.

Here's what our clients say about Kevin

“Kevin knows whiteboard coding. I can't recommend him enough.” – W.P.

"His insider perspective at Amazon really gave me an edge over other candidates." N.P.

“This course, along with Cracking the Coding Interview, are the essential prep materials before your Google software engineering interview.” – V.A.