How to Ace the Uber Excel Analytics Test (First Edition)


NOW AVAILABLE: How to Ace the Uber EXCEL Analytics Test, Second Edition

This course helps the student learn, prepare, and succeed on their upcoming Uber Excel analytics test. It includes a detailed overview of what to expect in the Uber Excel analytics test along with real interview questions and answers. This course comes with two .CSV files for the student to download and use to answer the questions provided in the video. The video then explains the answers in layman's terms.

What's included in the purchase

1 hr and 43 mins of streaming video and 111 pages of PDF slides where the instructor will cover the course details below.

Course Details

  • Review the different Uber positions covered in this video, including:
    • Operations and Logistics
    • Marketing Manager
    • General Manager
    • Associate General Manger
    • Marketing Manager
  • Discuss the fifteen Uber metrics and terms, including:
    • Completed Trips
    • Demand
    • Dispatch
    • Driver
    • Driver Supply
    • ETA
    • Eyeballs
    • Fare
    • Idle Time
    • Peak Hours
    • Requests
    • Rider
    • Surge Pricing
    • Working Shifts
    • Zeros
  • Covers 30 multiple choice questions found in the Uber Excel analytics test, including:
    • Between the 1st and the 5th of February, which date has the most completed trips?
    • What hour of the day had the most completed trips on February 11th?
    • What hour of the day from the 15 day period in February had the least number of requests?
    • What is the percentage of all of the eyeballs that occurred on Fridays?
    • What is the weighted average of requests per driver for the 15 day data set?
    • Drivers' schedules are drafted in 4 hour shifts, and Uber wants to change this to 8 hour shifts. Calculate which shift has the highest request for the 15 day data set.
    • When the number of unique drivers increases so does the number of eyeballs?
    • On which day is the ratio the highest for the number of completed trips to requests?
    • If you had 10 drivers to add to one hour throughout the 15 day data set, which hour would you add them to?
    • How many hours of data are in this data set?
    • Use the data to determine when the best end-of-day is for drivers.
  • Six total of short- and long-questions and answers, including:
    • Explain to someone who is not familiar with the term, what surge-pricing is and the main reasons behind why it's a good choice for Uber.
    • Convince a chauffeur driver to switch to become an Uber driver.
    • Explain how to engage local community groups with Uber.
    • Write a letter aimed at Uber drivers who have an acceptance rate of between 70% and 79% to encourage them to accept more requests.
    • Write a letter to restaurants asking if they would like to join the new UberEATS service starting in San Francisco.

Sarah is the instructor for the class. Before Impact Interview, she taught numerous classes at the university and college level. More recently, Sarah has been completing her Masters in Urban Sustainability.

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About the Author
Sarah is a course developer and instructor at Impact Interview. Since 2012, Sarah has been teaching university classes and tutoring a variety of students across numerous different subjects. Sarah has been requested to guest lecture and teach while travelling with her students, and thus her teaching style reflects a unique passion and excitement for learning.

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