Microsoft Software Engineer (SDE) Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft Software Engineer (SDE) Interview Questions and Answers


This course helps the student get ready for the Microsoft Software Development Engineer (SDE) interview. It includes a detailed overview of what Microsoft is looking for along with actual interview questions and answers from Microsoft interviews.

What's included in the purchase

2 hr. 30 min. streaming video and 135 pages of PDF slides where the instructor will cover the course details below.

Course details

  • Review the Microsoft SDE role
  • Discuss the 3 Microsoft SDE interview components
  • 4 step whiteboard coding interview framework
  • Answers for Microsoft SDE interview questions including:
    • Check if a binary tree is a binary search tree.
    • Design a logging system for distributed application. 
    • Write code for Push/Get to implement a ring buffer based on a fixed size char buffer.
    • Detect and remove loop in linked list, given a sum and n coins, divide the sum with the help of coins to get min num of coins.
    • Write code to implement a method that returns the top 10 most frequent words in a given string. 
    • You are an owner of a building, which has a broken revolving door. What time do you replace the door?
    • Find height of a tree, given 2 strings delete all occurrences of characters in the second string from the first string.
    • Design a String class. Then write code to implement Insert(). Discuss performance about Insert and Lookup. The goal is to fine a solution that achieves O(logN) for both Insert and Lookup.
    • Prove that for a set of numbers that are {prime -> non-prime -> prime} (ex. 11, 12, 13) the non-prime number is always divisible by six.
    • Communication between Client/Server for a remote file system is based on a unreliable link (99% up-time but sometimes packet can be dropped). The client can send request like Open, Read, Write, Seek, Close, Create, Delete to the server. How would this system deal with packet loss? ACK is not allowed, so you CANNOT use a TCP like protocol.
  • Overview of the Microsoft technoogy stack
  • Overview of Microsoft's business
  • Interview preparation plan

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About the author
Kevin is the instructor for the class. He's a engineering manager at Amazon and has interviewed over 500 engineering candidates for Amazon.

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“Kevin knows whiteboard coding. I can't recommend him enough.” – W.P.

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