Settlers of Catan Strategy: How to Win Settlers of Catan Every Single Time


This document, How to Win Settlers of Catan Every Single Time, is a 1 page cheat sheet to help intermediate and advanced players win Catan tournaments consistently.  The doc factors in the best statistical research around Catan strategy, along with qualitative tips, in a single, easy-to-use reference sheet.

Dominate the competition, and impress your friends with your ability to win consistently.

What's included in the purchase
1 page PDF document

Document Details

  • Game goal, deconstructed
  • Tips on how optimize the game within the game, the battle for resource cards and the conversion of resource cards to victory points (VPs)
  • Analysis of the most efficient buildings and cards that lead to VPs
  • Robber strategy
  • Middle congestion map management
  • Trading tips
  • Emotional management
  • Practice tips

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About the Author
The author, Lewis Lin, is a tournament-level board game player with several wins in national boardgaming championships, including Puerto Rico at Pax Prime 2011, Ticket to Ride at Pax Prime 2012, and St. Petersburg at the World Boardgaming Championships in 2013. He used this Settlers of Catan cheat sheet to win the 2013 GeekWire Settlers of Catan tournament.