Amazon's Leadership Principles Interview: What to Expect and How to Prepare

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SEE ALSO: Sample Answers for the Amazon Leadership Principles Interview By GerardG Amazon plans to create 100,000 jobs by mid-2018; their recruiters will be working hard to find the best and the brightest. Regardless of what role you apply for, technical or non-technical, they will ask you interview questions that relate to Amazon's Leadership Principles. In the article below, we'll explain: What is the Amazon leadership principles interview Why they'll ask you leadership principle questions, regardless of role 3 ways you can prepare for the Amazon leadership principles interview, including a special worksheet you don't want to miss What to Expect:...

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Amazon Product Manager Interview: What to Expect and How to Prepare

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SEE ALSO: How to Ace the Amazon Product Manager Interview What to Expect Interviewers will probe for the following areas: Negotiation & ability to influence others. Amazon PMs can take a position, convince others, and drive team action.  All Amazon employees challenge others and themselves, even when it may feel awkward.  During the interview, the interview may intentionally take the opposite side (aka devil’s advocate) to test your reaction. Expect questions like: Amazon recently launched display advertisements on its web page. It was a very controversial decision within Amazon.  Pick either the pro or con side of the argument and explain...

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Kudos: Our Amazon Leadership Principles Interview Class

We're excited to share kudos we received about our Amazon Leadership Principles Interview class today:  Amazon is expected to be the fastest growing employer in 2018 and beyond. Get that job offer, and good luck with the leadership principles interview!

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Facebook Product Execution Interview: What Is It and How to Prepare

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SEE ALSO: How to Ace the Facebook Product Manager Interview (Second Edition) Introduction to Facebook's Execution Interview During the PM or RPM interview, Facebook's execution questions are the most mysterious question type. It's not a surprise that failing the execution interview is the reason why many do not get the job offer.One may think "execution" refers to one's ability to get things done, like a project manager would. However, that's not FB's intent. When assessing a candidate's "execution" skills, what FB really means is testing one's "executive decision making." And FB evaluates a candidate's executive decision making skills through six categories of rare and peculiar questions that revolve around metrics, ROI estimation,...

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Amazon Writing Exercise: What to Expect & How to Do Well

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SEE ALSO: How to Ace the Amazon Leadership Principles Interview By EllaA Have an Amazon interview? Worried about the Amazon writing exercise? 📝 Have no fear. 👍 I'll answer all your top questions about the Amazon writing sample you are expected to write including: Example Amazon writing assignment prompts from past candidates Tips and tricks on how to score well Examples of what has worked well for others My team's research and analysis comes straight from candidates who have been through the process themselves and succeeded. Amazon Writing Exercise: Frequently Asked Questions What is it? The Amazon writing exercise consists of two written interview questions that Amazon...

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