Technical Concepts for Non-Technical Product Management & Marketing Candidates (First Edition)

Technical Concepts for Non-Technical Product Management & Marketing Candidates (First Edition)


This course helps non-technical product management and marketing candidates get ready for interviews at technology companies. It includes a detailed overview of technical concepts and programming languages along with potential interview questions and answers.

What's included in the purchase
1.5 hr. streaming video and 95 PDF slides where the instructor will cover the following:

  • Language and concepts surrounding the topics of web basics, coding languages, mobile basics, understanding data, and website configuration.
  • Covers potential interview questions and provides answers to:
    • Explain to your grandmother what the internet is and how it works.
    • Explain what happens when a user visits a website, including key web technologies.
    • We need to test what happens when we make our web page more legible. What sort of engineers do we need?
    • What are some of the building blocks of HTML and HTML5? What is the difference between HTML and XML?
    • What is the difference between functional and object-oriented programming paradigms?
    • What is CSS? And why is it helpful?
    • What are cookies and how would you decide to use them?
    • What is the purpose of using Javascript?
    • Explain what frameworks you have used.
    • How would you decide to use compiled or interpreted languages?
    • Explain what AJAX is. How does it work?
    • What is MVC and why is it useful? Explain why this might be an appropriate design pattern choice. 
    • Explain what concurrency is.
    • What are the most common ways of preventing security attacks?
    • Have you ever worked on an open source project?
    • What are some benefits of a well designed API?
    • How is Linux different from Unix?
    • Explain the benefits of using a load balancer.
    • What do you understand about data quality?
    • If you had to implement a cache how would you do it? How do you know which items need to be refreshed?
    • Have you ever been involved with implementing a new database? If so, then what did you learn?
  • Explains the basics of 12 of the most popular coding languages.
  • Compares iOS and Android mobile app development technologies.
  • Explains concepts surrounding databases and website configuration.

    Sarah is the instructor for the class. Before Impact Interview, she taught numerous classes at the university and college level. More recently, Sarah has been completing her Masters in Urban Sustainability.

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    About the Author
    Sarah is a course developer and instructor at Impact Interview. Since 2012, Sarah has been teaching university classes and tutoring a variety of students across numerous different subjects. Sarah has been requested to guest lecture and teach while travelling with her students, and thus her teaching style reflects a unique passion and excitement for learning.

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